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Studio Album

Ben Srokosz graduated from the Recording Arts Program of Canada in 1998, and since then has produced over 30 Studio Albums for a number of artists. His passion lies in capturing as much content live off of the floor, to translate the live feel to the recording. This requires the correct equipment, the right experience, and the right locations. Often times the room adds as much feel to the recording as the instruments themselves.

Gear Summary:

Interfaces: RME, Ferrofish
Vocal Mics: Rode, Shure
Preamps: Neve, Lindell, DIYRE, API
Compression: Ashly, JoeMeek, Neve, Lindell, ART.
Guitar Amps: Silvertone 1412, ’66 Fender Bassman
Keys: Kawai Midi Controller and software instruments

Plugins: Waves, Amplitube, Izotope, Sonimus

In addition, a variety of vintage and modern microphones from AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, and more.

Ben books a recording venue based on the needs of the individual band or artist.