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Live Music

“With a professional background in Audio Engineering… music is a key area of passion of mine. The excitement, danger, anything can happen aspect of live music is exhilarating and deserves to be captured the right way. ”

–  Ben Srokosz, Owner of Spur of the Moment Media


If you have a live performance that you would like captured, please contact Spur of the Moment Media for a quote and consult on how to get the best possible result. In some cases, a simple stereo microphone can best represent the electricity of a live performance. Other times, recording each source with hand picked microphones, and later mixing in the studio can allow the material to be presented in its best light.

Also ask us about multi-camera setups to visually represent the live performance. Several examples can be seen on our Vimeo and Youtube pages.

Contact Us today to learn more.